FlightSimExpo 2021

September 24-26, 2021 • Town and Country Resort • San Diego, CA, USA

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FlightSimExpo took place September 24-26, 2021 in San Diego. Although the event is over, you can still get access to all 30 FlightSimExpo seminar recordings, in full HD, for just $15. Hear the latest news directly from developers or listen to flight simulation experts talk about how to get the most from your home flight simulation experience.

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What's Included

A single $15 purchase gets you instant access to the following seminars, all of which were recorded live from FlightSimExpo in San Diego in September, 2021. Watch on-demand, any time, until November 28.

Developer Updates & Product Reveals

Hear all the news that came out at the show, straight from the source.

Thrustmaster Global Product Reveal

Hear about an exciting addition to the Thrustmaster civil aviation lineup.
X-Plane Announcement
Laminar Research

See what the team at Laminar Research has in store for the future of X-Plane, dubbed the world’s most realistic flight simulator.
Turtle Beach: VelocityOne Flight
Turtle Beach CEO Juergen Stark

An in-depth look at Turtle Beach’s groundbreaking VelocityOne Flight simulation control system for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PCs.
Q&A with Prepar3D
Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D is being used around the world by simmers, governments, and the military. Hear more in this Q&A with the team behind Prepar3D.
Product and Development Update

Hear from the team behind popular Airbus and Boeing add-ons for X-Plane.
FlightSimExpo Landing Competition - Finals

A showdown of the top finalists from the X-Plane competition.

Performance, Hardware, and Home Cockpit Building

Getting the most out of your flight simulation experience.

Building Your Own Computer
Ken McElerhan, Jetline Systems

A live Q&A on stage discussing PC hardware, performance, specs, and more.
Building a Full Motion Simulator with Force Feedback Controls
Steven Kaye

This seminar details building a cockpit to simulate VFR and IFR flight of general aviation aircraft—to a level of realism that would let the pilot forget they’re in a simulator!
Home Cockpit Construction
Pat Fuge

An in-depth discussion of tools, tips, and tricks for home cockpit builders and simmers.
Build Your Home Cockpit with Open Source!
Sebastian Moebius

Open source software and hardware solutions to make your home cockpit building dreams come true.
Your First DIY Home Cockpit Component
Jon Coughlin

Learn how to build your first home cockpit component.
Climbing Above Home Cockpit Barriers
Trevor Olsen

Actionable ways to overcome typical barriers in flight simulation, including cost, tools, knowledge, and time.

Educational Seminars

Learn to take your simulation to the next level.

Flight Dispatch – The Other Half of your Flight
Michael Collier and Matt Bartels

Two professionals teach simmers how to plan like the pros.
Flight Planning & Dispatch Q&A
Michael Collier and Matt Bartels

From oceanic operations to domestic flying, bring your questions and bring your virtual flying up a flight level!
FMC and Systems Operations in X-Plane
X-Plane Team

Explore the various FMC functions and options now available by default in X-Plane 11.
Can Consumer Flight Sim Impact Real Aviation?
Honeycomb Aeronautical CEO Nicki Repenning

How consumer flight sim hardware and software can improve flight training and help solve the pilot shortage.
Virtual Reality: Past and Present
Ben Myburgh

Discuss the current state of where VR, how we got here, and what the future holds.
Let’s Fly Blind!
Sarah Alawami

“You can’t fly a plane blind,” they say. I’m here to prove them wrong.
TheFlyingFabio Meet & Greet and AMA

An opportunity to meet The Flying Fabio in person and listen to his aviation and simulation story, plus a Q&A session.

Who Knew?

Find out how the military, government, and others are using flight simulation to improve aviation training and safety.

The New Era of Military Flight Training
Major Kinsley "TRIGGER" Jordan

Hear how flight simulators have transformed the way we train the next generation of fighter pilots.
The Role of Simulation in NTSB Aviation Accident Investigations
John O’Callaghan

Learn how the NTSB used simulation in the "Miracle on the Hudson" flight investigation.
Lightning Strikes - Development of the F-35 Flight Demonstration
Billie Flynn

The development of one of the most talked-about and watched airshow routines in history.
Using Augmented Reality in Flight Simulation
Christoph Leuze

How we can connect users of flight simulators and users in the real world via augmented reality.

For New Flight Simmers…

Are you new to home flight simulation? Here are some seminars to help you get started in this amazing hobby.

Getting Started in Flight Simulation
Calum Martin

Designed for beginners, this presentation discusses the “why and how” of home flight simulation.
Online Aviation
Sebastian Knoop-Troullier

An introduction to online flying, one of the most fun and beneficial components of home simulation.
Practical Simulator Use as a Training Aid
Gleim Aviation

How to maximize the effectiveness of your simulator as a training aid.
Can Consumer Flight Sim Impact Real Aviation?
Nicki Repenning, CEO, Honeycomb Aeronautical

How consumer flight sim hardware and software can improve flight training and help solve the pilot shortage.
Using PC-Based Simulators for Fun and/or Flight Training
Ed Valdez

How you can practice like the pros to prepare for the day when things don’t go as planned.